Face Ad Rising

Advertisements have always been everywhere, using common medium such as tv, radio, Internet, magazines and the like.

These days, smart-thinking people have been using a not-so-common medium : the face.

Or maybe the legs.

Either way, the ad is highly visible in public, maybe even irresistible, and it can grab enough attention to make passers-by turn their heads. And today’s walking billboards also post photos of themselves on social media sites, thus generating even more traffic for the advertisers – the ones who pay for the ad space . (Adapted from Nikkei Asian Review).

This phenomenon is appearing in countries such as Japan, UK and even the States. Mostly done by young people for various reasons : students wanting to pay off debts or earn pocket money, a US mum auctioning her face space for US$10000 for a virtual casino advertisement, or just a Japanese fad.