Foodsharing – German style

Foodsharing is an Internet platform based in Germany, where individuals, retailers and producers have the possibility to offer for free, a surplus of food to consumers.

Members of this Foodsharing movement will salvage foodstuff that is thrown away by supermarkets, grocery stores, bakery shops and the like, for no other reason than being in excess of what they need for the day.

Hope this movement will catch on in other developed countries as well.

A member salvaging some foodstuff which is still in boxes
According to Food and Agriculture Organisation, about 1.3 billion tons of foodstuff is wasted per year
Benjamin Schmitt and Helena Bachmann, both members of the movement, posed with the foodstuff they have found during one of their rounds at a supermarket in Berlin
One third of food is produced to be thrown away. So, each year, on average, we throw away 20kg of food into the bin
Raphaël Felmer and Nieves Palner Muntaner, both members of the food sharing movement, having a meal made of vegetables collected from trash bins of an organic supermarket in Berlin