Tokyo’s power-nap cafés

Japanese are known to work at least 12 hours a day. And each year, about 150 of them die from overwork – a situation known as karoshi.

Recent trend in Japan is to have a power nap ( known as inemuri) during the work day. Cafés in Tokyo are offering “nap” services for as little as 10 mins to as long as four hours or more. These ” third spaces” ( i.e. neither work nor home) provide rest, privacy and of course, food and drinks.

The latest café in Tokyo is called Qusca : a women’s only sleeping café located in business district Akasaka. It allows women to catch forty winks during their lunch break or in between yet another few hours of overtime, at a cost of only ¥150 (about $1.60) per ten minutes, or ¥3,120 (just over $33) for a four-hour slot.

In this way it will no doubt appeal to women with only thirty minutes at lunch to spare — or who are between appointments for a few hours and want to relax.





Men or women can also go to Mahika Mano – a Hammock Café and Gallery showroom where you are invited to lay down for a nap—within a time limit.


At foot & body care zzz, a nap and a professional massage at the same time can be provided


Some spas are also offering futons or reclining chairs for your post-spa nap, such as this one below.

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Adapted from Japan Trends website

Adapted from Rocket News website