French Easter Eggs – Would you crack and eat?

Taken from :
Madame Figaro

1. LeNôtre


Limited Edition By Guy Krenzer – 75% cocoa, raw dark chocolate from Tanzania

2. La Manufacture de Chocolat de Alain Ducasse


Turned and sculpted in dark and milk chocolate by Pierre Tachon for La Manufacture de chocolat.

3. Hugo & Victor


Egg- “the Stork and the Fox”, hommage to the fables of La Fontaine, in milk chocolate from Ghana and dark chocolate from Tanzania and Vénézuela.

4. Jadis et Gourmande


Graffiti Egg in milk chocolate on a dark chocolate base – 72% cocoa

5. Shangri-La Hotel


Limited Edition – Toy Egg by François Perret, pastry chef of Shangri-La Hôtel, in Carupano dark chocolate, 70% cocoa

6. Henri Le Roux


67 € l’œuf de 18 cm
Egg “Spin-drifts” from Henri Le Roux, 67% cocoa, sea salt, posed on a base in caramelized chocolate-covered almond nuts

7. A La Mere de Famille


Egg Head by Julien Merceron, pastry chef at À la Mère de Famille. Creation in milk chocolate 36% et dark chocolate 68% of cocoa.

8. Pierre Hermè


Supreme Egg by Pierre Hermé : a hommage to Swiss artist Beat Zoderer. Creation in dark chocolate from Brazil, edited in 15 copies.

9. Fauchon


Limited Edition,
“Egg Peacock” inspired by the paintings of Douanier Rousseau, in dark chocolate 70% cocoa from Venezuela.